Город Шатура

Описание (английский)

Shatura  is a town and the administrative center of Shatursky District in Moscow Oblast, Russia, located on Lake Svyatoye 124 kilometers (77 mi) east of Moscow.
A settlement on the site of modern Shatura has existed since 1423. In 1917, peat deposits mining started in the vicinity. In 1918, construction of the first peat-fueled electric Shatura Power Station began near the village of Torbeyevka (Торбе?евка). In 1919, the settlement of Shaturstroy (Шатурстро?й) was founded nearby and in 1920, the settlement of Chyornoye Ozero (Чёрное О?зеро) followed. In 1928, the three settlements were merged to form the settlement of Shatura, which was granted town status in 1936.