Город Спасск-Дальний

Описание (английский)

Spassk-Dalny, sometimes called simply Spassk, is a town in Primorsky Krai, Russia, situated on the Prikhankayskaya Flatland on the coast of Khanka Lake.
The first migrants from the western parts of Russia appeared in the area of today's Spassk-Dalny in 1886. They founded the village of Spasskoye, which in 1917 became the town of Spassk-Dalny. During the Russian Civil War, Spassk-Dalny was the arena of hard battles between the White and Red Armies.The town features a museum of local lore and "Aurora" movie theater.
There are over twenty monuments of history and culture in Spassk-Dalny, with more than a half of them devoted to the participants of the Civil War in the Russian Far East who supported the Bolsheviks. There are also monuments connected with the events of World War II.

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