Город Остров

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Остров находится на магистральной трассе, поэтому тут останавливаются автобусы в самые разные точки - Витебск, Минск, Новополоцк, Санкт-Петербург, Псков, Великие Луки, Смоленск. До Пскова час езды. Имеется и ж/д сообщение - пригородные поезда Псков - Пыталово, Псков - Скангали.

Описание (английский)

Ostrov is a town and the administrative center of Ostrovsky District in Pskov Oblast, Russia, located on the Velikaya River, 55 kilometers (34 mi) south of Pskov, the administrative center of the oblast.
It was founded as a fortress in the end of the 13th century and first mentioned in 1342. It had been an important military outpost throughout the 15th-16th centuries. The only time it was conquered was in 1501, by the Livonian Order after the Battle of the Siritsa River. In the course of the administrative reform carried out in 1708 by Peter the Great, it was included into Ingermanland Governorate (known since 1710 as Saint Petersburg Governorate). Ostrov is specifically mentioned as one of the towns making the governorate.
In 1727, separate Novgorod Governorate was split off and in 1772, Pskov Governorate (which between 1777 and 1796 existed as Pskov Viceroyalty) was established. Catherine the Great incorporated it as a town in 1777. On August 1, 1927, the uyezds and governorates were abolished and Ostrovsky District, with the administrative center in Ostrov, was established as a part of Pskov Okrug of Leningrad Oblast. It included parts of former Ostrovsky, Opochetsky, and Pskovsky Uyezds. On July 23, 1930, the okrugs were also abolished and the districts were directly subordinated to the oblast. Between March 22, 1935 and September 19, 1940, Ostrovsky District was a part of the restored Pskov Okrug of Leningrad Oblast, one of the okrugs abutting the state boundaries of the Soviet Union. Between July 6, 1941 and July 21, 1944, Ostrov was occupied by German troops. An underground resistance group was active in Ostrov during the war. On August 23, 1944, the district was transferred to newly established Pskov Oblast.
The town possesses a Neoclassical cathedral from 1790 and a typical Pskovian church from 1543. Close at hand is a historical suspension bridge, opened in 1853 (winter view, summer view).
Ostrov hosts the Ostrov District Museum, the only museum in the district.